Thursday, October 27, 2011

Most recent pictures of my garden this fall, even in this cold weather

Friday, October 21, 2011

Garden Updates

 Well, its about time to pull my tomato plants up. The wind broke down one of my slicing tomatoes, thankfully it didn't have any fruits so I'm not too worried about it, however, the remaining 2 I'm concerned about because 1 has 3 tomatoes, & the other has loads of flowers, but with it being so cold I doubt it'll pump out any late tomatoes. However, my 3 cherries & jelly beans are still producing & kicking butt! The most recent one that I got off it was a little smaller then a golf ball. I'm going to try & get a "winter" garden going of potatoes & possibly some lettuce, depending on how things go. Good luck winterizing your garden everyone!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, here are pics recently of my tomatoes & peppers, I picked about 6 jelly bean tomatoes today, unfortunately they weren't quite ripe enough yet, so they need a little longer to become soft, but they're reddening nicely!
              These are the Jelly Bean tomatoes that I picked today:
     My Brandy Wine slicing tomatoes are plumping up nicely, finally!        Here's a from above view of the jelly bean & cherry tomatoes:
                                  Cherry Tomatoes
                                     Jelly Bean Tomatoes
                                   Cherry Tomatoes
                             Unripe & nearly ripe Cherry Tomatoes
                                   Yet, more Jelly Beans
                  (I have 3 plants of Jelly beans & 3 Cherries)