Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well, here are pics recently of my tomatoes & peppers, I picked about 6 jelly bean tomatoes today, unfortunately they weren't quite ripe enough yet, so they need a little longer to become soft, but they're reddening nicely!
              These are the Jelly Bean tomatoes that I picked today:
     My Brandy Wine slicing tomatoes are plumping up nicely, finally!        Here's a from above view of the jelly bean & cherry tomatoes:
                                  Cherry Tomatoes
                                     Jelly Bean Tomatoes
                                   Cherry Tomatoes
                             Unripe & nearly ripe Cherry Tomatoes
                                   Yet, more Jelly Beans
                  (I have 3 plants of Jelly beans & 3 Cherries)                                       


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