Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, I've got alot of tomatoes growing that will be transplanted within the next week, I've got 4 of all but eggplants still for my vertical bed, & still 2 jalapeƱo starters. It rained really bad the other day, so I have to wait on the ground to dry to finish the bed, unfortunately, but at the same time, it gives my plants extra time to grow taller & healthier. My sunflowers are doing great, they're getting taller & taller. My mom bought me a rosemary plant that likes full sun, so I put her right with the sunflowers, & she's doing great! I think my purple cone flowers are finally growing, so I'll be able to put them into the ground like I planned, with the sunflowers soon as it dries up enough. I did get 2 heads of romaine lettuce in the planter that I thought died when it hit the floor, but they're healthy, & I actually found a partly shady spot they like. I think I'm going to move them to the other porch, though, where its even more shady so I might be able to get more lettuce. I am surprised though, that the rabbit has left them alone. I didn't get to my raised beds this year, due to finances, but, I will be putting up my tomato tepee's as soon as they're tall enough, I'll have at least 2-4 of them. As soon as everything is up & planted, I'll try and get pictures taken & posted on here, too. No new updates other then the cold weather is finally gone, & plants are thriving this year!


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