Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ok, I know I haven't posted since March, but April was a flop with all the plants I tried growing. My cats got to them, the heat, the cold, too wet, you name it! Well, now we're nearing the end of frost season, so I'm feeling safer & safer. I've got Okra, Jubliee tomatoes, jelly bean, cherry, & brandy wine slicing tomatoes growing, they're all between 1/2"-2" tall now. I've got about 8-10 sunflowers, called Autum Beauty, in their bed, with part of the bedframe up. I'm getting some mulch from a friend to help reduce grass growth around them, so they don't get choked out. The same friend gave me alot of Iris plants that are going around my shed (once my grass gets cut)! I just planted all the plants for my vertial garden, so we'll see sprouting in a few weeks. I did get the chicken wire for it, so now it needs to dry up a little so we can mow, to get my stakes in the ground for the garden :) I can't wait! I do have to find a new home, however, because I forgot my landlord is doing work at that side of the house this summer (don't want to block his work space). This summer is looking very fruitful in many ways!! :) Will post more later on!


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