Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2013 Salsa Garden

Well, we've moved last summer to our new house, it has a good sized back yard, BUT, the dirt only goes as far as 3' in some spots before hitting thick, no massive garden as planned. However, I do have a salsa garden, 6 varieties each of tomatoes & peppers. They're thriving, but, then we got hit with a cool spell & the tomatoes wouldn't, however, today's high is supposed to be 99, so I'm hoping with this heat wave they'll all start ripening. My peppers weren't really even fully ripe, all my cayenne's weren't red, they're green. Not sure whats going on, but found out its state-wide problem, which means tomatoes that are store-bought will probably go up in price next year.

  You'll have to excuse the yard, I took these before hub had a chance to mow :) The camera batteries weren't all that great, and I wanted a shot while they were still alive....

Here are the tomatoes:

Pepper half of the garden