Friday, January 6, 2012

My early addition to a Spring container garden

 So its been a while with Winter & all since I've posted last. I plated some New Potato eyes in a kitty litter pan, which my cats kept using, so note to self: don't use the litter pans indoors.....cats are smart!
  I replanted & they're growing! The tallest has to be at least 4" tall, so I'm proud. I'm also growing a mixture of peppers in soda bottle "containers". Unfortunately, it might be too early for the peppers because not many of them are looking too happy with me at the moment...I've got the wire "cage" on top so my cats leave them alone, because for some reason they seem to enjoy eating my green leafy youngest, especially enjoys spinach leaves, so in a way, no wonder he eats mom's indoor garden (my next pets will be birds or fish!)

Here are the potatoes:

 Here are a few of the pepper pots, I have at least 9......