Friday, January 7, 2011

Yay for warm weather! We were in the 40's a couple days ago, and it got me motivated to plant some seeds. I took my foil lasagna pan, & 2 2ltr soda bottles (take and whack off the top of the bottles, fill with dirt & cover with plastic wrap). I'll get pictures as I can to upload them so everyone can see what I mean. I planted Catnip, Sage, Lavendar, Christmas Basil, and Scillian Basil. I planted them on Jan. 5th, so I'm sure I'll get some seedlings in Feb., and I'm anxiously waiting!! Will post the time span of each plant as they sprout up. I'm keeping them in my kitchen by light that's on all day, the lasagna pan is on the bay window, & the 2 soda bottles are on the microwave under our kitchen light which is on most of the day (but regardless from the windows & light they have constant light).
  Ok, well, on the microwave didn't work cats reclaimed it & knocked over one of my basil plants. So, I repoted & put it on a cabnit that they don't dare try to jump on :) (they'll get stuff falling on them if they do, lol).


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