Friday, December 31, 2010

Frugal Gardening for Small Spaces

 Well, I'm so anxious for Springtime gardening that I had found an onion I forgot we had in my veggie basket growing sprouts on top, so I decided to plant my store-bought onion & grow it. I got bored the other day, so put it in a short stocky pot I had as a start to renewing my gardening spirit for the season. I got a mini water globe from Dollar Tree a while back & its perfect for keeping the onion watered. So, here's to growing onions!! My next step will be starting my herb garden in a lasagna pan with those clear lids from Dollar Tree. I kept ALL my potting soil from last growing season & shook out roots (as many as I could at least), to save the dirt, and in all I probably have a good 10lbs of dirt. I plan on starting out with basic cooking herbs so I can keep them in my long rectangle pot on the bay window (its got a South-Western sunlight, so only has sun after about 3pm in the summer, and barely anything in the winter). I'm going to wait on that until at least March or April so we have more daylight. (By the way, I'm in central Missouri, for those who didn't peek at my profile, if its open to public, I honestly can't remember!) However, this is the first part of my gardening blog, and I'm sure as I go, I'll grow along with my plants, ideas & tips for other gardeners who are wanting to save money, eat healthy, in small spaces. At the moment, I started my herb garden last year in a studio apartment with 2 cats & my boyfriend. Now we still have our 2 cats (who think the plants are theirs & dig holes in them instead of using the litter box...) but, we rent a mobile home on about 1acre of a lot, and its enough space to have potted plants AND some ground plants. So my goal is to get the materials the rest of this winter, and early spring build a raised bed and get my tomato tepee's together (I'm going to use 2" dowel rods). As I can, I'll be posting pictures and stuff, it'll take time, but it'll get done :) I'm VERY brand new to blogging, so like I mentioned, I may repeat myself, & forget things, but I'll get better.