Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 Garden

We're finally out of frost free zone I think! Its April 21rst now, so we should be fine.
   I've already started on my garden, & am only about 1/4th the way done! I wanted a garden bed in the front yard this year, & have one of 90% recycled items. My theme this year for the garden is reused. I want to have it 80% made out of reused items. I've been salvaging items I can put in my garden, & plan on having a nice one.
  So far, I've got garlic, pearl onions, peas, cucumbers, some flours, misc pepper seeds, chives, & asparagus planted. I'm not done by far! I have 6 tomatoes & peppers that need to go in this weekend, & plan on getting 9 of each more, I have lots of salsa to make this year!

I didn't get a shot of the wood I used as the garden bed, but you get the idea. I took the 1x1s I could from the box spring, the bed frame wood & this pvc pipe are scraps from when our bathroom floor was redone.

This is 3 pics of the raised bed frame we made for the front yard out of the scraps from the bathroom floor.

Here's pics of my first frame complete, with 1x1s from the box spring, new chicken wire from the hardware store, and pots I've had for a few years. I plan on growing my cucumbers & peas from the pots on the outside of the bed so the roots don't over-take the actual bed. I'm planning on growing smaller things inside this particular bed. I've got pearl onions in it, so once my garlic gets bigger, they'll be going in it too. I can't grow anything else edible really, because the onion & garlic will change the flavor of it.....OH, in one of the other pots is where my asparagus is growing :)
  Happy Gardening!!


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