Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, most of my garden died off, other then a bell pepper plant, which was the Purple one I bought from the store, a handful of other misc pepper plants I grew from seed, about 6 either jelly bean or cherry tomato plants, that only gave me 3 jelly beans, & 3 slicer sized tomato plants. I haven't gotten any slicer's yet, but maybe soon since they're flowering nicely! Oh, I also have a cucumber plant that has 4 cucumbers on them! My very first year growing, & I'll have to take a pic of them this week and post it. This fall, I'm going to buy some loamy soil & make a frameless raised bed for my tomatoes next year, and mounds for everything else. I'm still trying to figure out a good bunny resistance for my green beans, I want to grow the green kind & some that are purple, & turn green when cooked. The rabbits ate all 4 of them.....I was so disappointed, I almost bought a bebe gun, lol. Well, here's to research on that! I'm also going to try and find a recycled trelace so I can have a spot in the yard for shady plants, but that'll be later on. Next growing season I'll be taking things slowly, since I'm planting from seed, some I think I'll buy, but we'll see!